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ADA Inspections for Public Access

Don’t be a target of an ADA lawsuit. Architectural Barrier Removal is a federal law. Be pro-active!
ADA Inspection Plus, LLC has the experience and knowledge to provide a professional and comprehensive CASp Report by a CASp Inspector identifying ADA violations for your facility.
CASp Inspections, evaluations and recommendation for compliance with the Americans with Disibilities Act  and State Accessibility requirements for disabled access
ADA Inspections for Public Accommodations & Commercial Facilities, State & Local Government Facilities and Multi-Family Residential Buildings. Comprehensive professional CASp Reports depicting non-compliant elements at your facility. Recommendations to bring your property into compliance with accessibility requirements. Layout and design for disabled access including accessible parking, accessible routes & ramps. Serving the Southern California Area.
Call today for a free estimate from a Certified Access Specialist - 
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ADA Inspection Plus, LLC - Access Compliance Specialist
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