CASP Inspections - CA Title III Facilities

Facility Accessibility Evaluation Inspections – Entire facilities or designated scopes for the facility.

“Certified Access Specialist” or “CASp” means any person who has been certified pursuant to Section 4459.5 of the CA Government Code.

Report Findings Classifications:

– “Meets applicable standards” means the site was inspected by a CASp with no violations found with applicable requirements.
– “Inspected by a CASp” means the site was inspected by a CASp with violations were found with pending a determination by the CASp that the site meets applicable construction-related accessibility standards.

ADA Inspections & Property Condition Assessments - Nation Wide Title III Facilities

ADAIP can provide Property Condition Assessments (PCA) for your Title III Facility that includes a comprehensive report with diagrams and recommendations along with estimated cost for remediation to help determine the risk factor for the facility and an understanding of the estimated costs to provide compliance with the ADA.

Remediation Design for Accessible Parking & Accessible Routes for Exterior Elements

ADAIP can provide detailed designs for exterior elements including Accessible Routes, Door Landings, Parking and Ramps for bidding, permits and construction. This helps ensure any corrections made will meet applicable accessibility requirements.

Title II Self Evaluation & Transition Plans

If your city has more than 50 employees, your city is required to “Self Evaluate” and provide a “Transition Plan”. We can help with these requirements by conducting the evaluations at City facilities and determine the need for access with the programs provided by the City. ADAIP can then help produce a Transition Plan to meet requirements set forth in the ADA.

Mobile Assessment System (MAS) Slope Data Collection System

State of the art in data collection system for sidewalks, curb ramps and accessible routes for Title II self evaluations. Cities now have a cost effective method of for collecting the necessary data to make knowledgeable decisions for transition plans and remediation. This advanced technology interacts with Google Maps showing the severity of violations for slopes on sidewalk, curb ramps and accessible routes throughout the city. More details coming soon.